New Name- New Brand

by headedsomewear


We’re awfully sorry about the silence. But we’re back now! And this time, we bring with us a bigger, greater, and more focused brand than ever.

Our name used to be That Hijabi. A few months ago- we changed the name, logo, and entire vision of the brand. There were several reasons for this –

  1. We don’t want to be a Muslim-only brand. We wanted to be inclusive of all relgions, and races. In particular, we most certainly didn’t want to be a brand that focused on only women who wore hijab. We firmly believe that each and everyone’s Islam is different and subject to judgement from only God. Because of this, we felt like a change in brand name was vital to our viewpoint.
  2. A huge part of our brand is to constantly “break boundaries”. We believe in stepping out of the norm and thinking outside of the box. Our scarves are VERY different from other business’s because of their unique custom prints which are inspired by intellect, creativity, and growth. We choose “real women” as our models and don’t focus on weight, skin color, hair texture, religion, and more.
  3. Because of this philosophy of “breaking boundaries” and “being brave”, we decided to follow our own advice. How bold and out of the norm was changing the entire business name and direction of a brand that had been around for 3+ years? It was something that was risky- of course, but we wanted to take that leap.

We thank you all for your patience. Our new website can be found at We are so excited to share outfit inspiration, campaigns, and more with you on this platform.