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Hi, my name is Temoria Mughal!  I’m 23 years old & pursuing a career in medicine. I completed my undergrad in Long Island at Stony Brook University and currently live in Arizona where I am doing my Masters in Healthcare Delivery. The switch from Long Island to Arizona was definitely an interesting one to say the least but it has been rewarding in it’s own right. I’ve become comfortable with the idea of putting myself out of my comfort zone and being able to grow as a person.

Aside from all that, I love fashion, blogging, reading, and hanging out with friends. Blogging is an outlet for me to express myself and the things that I love. I enjoy putting together outfits that show people the beauty in dressing modestly while still being fashionable. I also absolutely love my cat! He’s the sweetest thing and makes me so happy.

By seeing my mother work hard and contribute to the household, my sister and I grew up with valuing a strong work ethic.

For me, the biggest positive influence in my life was my mother, no doubt about it. My mom did A LOT for my sister and I.  She has always been a big part of our household- especially financially. By seeing my mother work hard and contribute to the household, my sister and I grew up with valuing a strong work ethic. My mother really engraved it into our heads to pursue a good education and aim high. I am so incredibly grateful for her always pushing me – everything I have accomplished has been because of her faith in me.

Aside from pushing my sisters and I  to achieve our dreams, my mother is a very sacrificial woman. She doesn’t do much for herself – she constantly asks if my sister and I are okay. She will always go out of her way to make sure we are eating, are healthy, and are safe. Even when I would be studying for exams, she would stay up late as well. She wouldn’t let me stay up alone and would give me company, even if she was going to do her own thing like watching TV or cleaning. When I was studying for my MCAT’s, she would check up on me to make sure I was okay and would stay awake “with me” even when she was in her own room. It was the little things that really tell you a person is there for you.

Even though my mother valued education so much, she has always been in my corner above anything else. She has NEVER told me not to pursue any career I wanted. She always told me I could do whatever I wanted to. I know this is often rare, especially in South Asian communities. There was a time when even my dad thought it would be better to do something else. My mom, however had my back and wanted me to pursue my passion. For my mother, it was always – if you love it, do it. You have my support.

Other than my mother, my best friend Hana was always an incredible supporter and influence in my life. I have known Hana since I was five. She also was a huge part in my decisions and overall career, education, and life in general. She is a super kind, honest, and genuine person which is why I love having her in my life. Having her support through the good and bad parts of life has helped me in ways that I can’t even begin to describe.

Aside from them, my little sister has always been one of my biggest motivations and motivators. Seeing her excel in her potential career and life fills my heart with pride and instills in me a sense of responsibility to help her in any way that I can. She’s my light at the end of every tunnel.

I hate the idea that women are one another’s competition. I find this very prevalent in the academic world especially.

With so many positive female influences in my life who have shaped who I am today, I hate the idea that women are one another’s competition. I find this very prevalent in the academic world especially. For instance, while in undergrad, I noticed that everything was so competitive since most people were in something science related. I felt it was at an unhealthy level. I personally just wanted everyone to do well in whatever path they chose. For example, when my best friends were starting medical school while I was reapplying, I wasn’t upset or heartbroken. I was genuinely happy for them. I know that being envious or jealous of another woman’s success isn’t something that benefits anyone, least of all me. In a world where it’s already difficult to succeed, we should be one another’s supporters. Because a win for one woman is win for us all.

The thing is, women specifically know how hard life is. It is super important for us to stand by one another rather than push each other out. I feel like women everywhere, including myself, should understand that success is not a linear and straight path. It has trials, bumps, and obstacles. We have so much against us already- let’s not add one another as one of our road blocks, and instead help one another get to the finish line.

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